Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

God has been incredibly good to Camp Good News during these tough times and allowed us to have a fruitful summer. He kept us safe and continually provides for each of our needs. In light of that and the fact that Buncombe county has decided to do all virtual learning for at least the first 6 weeks of school we will be opening the camp up for child care during this time. We re currently full, but we are asking for prayer as we work through this new experience. Below is some more info for parents/guardians who have students enrolled.

Why We Made This Decision:

After 6 successful weeks of camp, we wanted to be able to keep the camp open for kids that a need a place to go during the day. We have enough space in the chapel to seat 25 kids at 6 feet apart and we had plenty of practice this summer following all of the guidelines to keep people safe. We want to be a help and a service to our community year round and during this pandemic we want to do what we can with what God has given us to serve.

Day Care Schedule:

                Day Care will begin on Monday, August 17 and be available for as long as Buncombe county is doing virtual learning.

Drop-off/Pickup Procedures:

                Drop-off will be each morning from 7:00-8:00. The gate will be closed before and after those times so please arrive during that window. We will only allow a limited number of vehicles at a time up at the camp. Only the student may exit the vehicle. Upon arrival there will be a health screening and temperature check. You will be asked about any symptoms you or anyone in your household may be experiencing and if you have come into contact with anyone with symptoms. Once that is done and your student is good to go, you will be directed to leave the camp.

               Pickup will be each evening between 5:00-6:00. Once again, the gate will only be open during this time and we ask that you remain in your vehicle for the process. If you would like to pick up your student before 5:00 then please call the camp and let us know. The camp number is 828-628-7954. The phone number is also posted on the gate if you drive up and need to contact us. If possible, it is recommended that the same person who drops off the student picks them up at the end of the day.

Prevention Measures:

·         Equipment and facilities will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and again once students leave using EPA approved cleaners for Coronavirus.

·         Social distancing will be observed whenever possible and students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

·         Doors and windows will be left open whenever possible to allow fresh air in and to limit contact with door knobs and handles.

·         Staff will wear face masks each day when in enclosed spaces indoors and when unable to practice social distancing.

·          Students are asked to wear face masks as well. If your student has a face mask they can bring to camp, we encourage them to do so. Camp will have a supply of disposable face masks if your student does not have one or something happens to it, but that supply is limited.

·         Any staff member or student that develops any symptoms will immediately be isolated from the group and asked to go home.


Do students need to bring anything to camp?

                Students need to bring all of their needed school supplies to the camp. This includes laptops, books, pens/pencils, notebooks, paper, and headphones. We do not have any extra school supplies available so please make sure that students bring up everything they need just like if they were going to school.

What meals will be served?

                We will be providing breakfast and lunch for students as well as an afternoon snack. There will be no supper at the camp.

May I visit camp during the day?

                There will be absolutely no visitors allowed this year outside of drop-off and pickup times. The gate will remain closed during the day. If you should need to come to camp for any reason such as picking up a sick camper or dropping off something they forgot, you will need to communicate with the camp about what time to arrive so we can meet you at the gate.

If my student gets symptoms but recovers and is symptom free, can they return to camp?

                If your student gets sick with any COVID-19 symptoms we will handle their return on a case by case basis. The state does have guidelines that we follow for anyone returning to camp after being sick. Of course if your student is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 we will have to ask them to stay home.

This page will be updated with any new information. Thank you for your support of Camp Good News and for allowing us to share the love of Christ with boys and girls this school year.

Center for Disease Control Coronavirus Information

Association of Camp Nursing

Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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