COVID-19 Guidelines

At Camp Good News we want everyone to feel safe and secure while on our property. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking extra precautions to ensure that this remains the case. This page will be updated with information about what we are doing to help prevent the virus from impacting what we do.

Prevention Measures:

∙         Camp equipment and facilities will be cleaned regularly throughout the day using EPA approved cleaners for COVID-19. 

∙         6 Feet of social distancing will be observed whenever possible.

∙         Campers and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

∙         Doors and windows will be left open whenever possible to allow fresh air in and to limit contact with door knobs and handles.

∙         Staff will wear face masks each day when indoors.

∙         Campers are asked to wear face masks ONLY when in indoors with other cabin groups. Campers do not have to wear masks when outdoors, when eating, or when they are in their own cabin. If your camper has a face mask they can bring to camp, we encourage them to do so. Camp will have a supply of disposable face masks if your camper does not have one or something happens to it, but that supply is limited.

∙         Staff members will be screened daily for symptoms

∙         Any staff member or camper that develops any symptoms will immediately be isolated from the group and asked to go home.

If you would like more sources about what we are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please check the links below. We make every effort to follow as many of the suggested guidelines as possible to ensure the safety of everyone at camp.

NC guidelines for overnight camp

Association of Camp Nursing

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